Small Group Tours

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The Caldera Hike

Explore quaint settlements on the edge of the caldera, learning about the myths and reality of Santorini. Enjoy amazing panoramic views and capture postcard perfect pictures.

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Santorini Wanderlust

Discover little known villages, grasping Santorini of the past. Marvel at the remnants of another era, walking by vineyards and fields producing fava and cherry tomatoes.


Southern Exposure

Enjoy the wonderful yet rugged, southern coast of Santorini. Learn about the rural life, walk by colorful rock formations, and swim in the crystal clear Aegean Sea.

small group tours 4 - Oias Hidden Treasures

Oia’s Hidden Treasures

Explore the backstreets of Oia discovering its well hidden secrets, visit the beautiful traditional village of Finikia, and quench your thirst with a fine wine tasting session at a renowned winery.