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Our Philosophy

Santorini Walking Tours offer a fun, educative and active way to experience the island with all your senses. We have designed small group and private tours, allowing you to enjoy Santorini in an authentic, meaningful, safe and pleasurable way.

Our philosophy is to support ecological and economic sustainability by using environmentally and socially responsible practices, working together with local businesses and communities. Our desire is to share with you the beauties of the island, with outmost respect and care for its fragile ecosystem, engaging your body, soul and mind. In an effort to minimize our impact, we only accommodate a maximum amount of 6 guests on each tour.

All of our tours are designed by Nikos Boutsinis, an established hospitality and travel professional, with international education and work experience. He is a keen traveler and outdoor enthusiast, who fell in love with this unique and multifaceted island. Santorini Walking Tours was sparked by his passion to offer a sustainable touring experience, immersing visitors in the true Santorini..

Explore Santorini, walking, breathing and tasting it just like a local. Join us, and take a walk on the wild side!

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